Tomas, Spain

1.- About the path, the views were impressive! Riding just in the middle of two 8.000 mountains, (Annapurna and Daula Ghiri/ Nil Ghiri), was exciting!.Crossing a bridge hung 200 feet over the river, a little better then passing through a toll in the highway, friday evening,

2.- The road from Pokhara to Mustang was easy, but amazing.  Both for the views, and for the ground. Sometimes, flat, some others upwarss or downwards, always asking your complete attention. The best?: ride in the middle of a cloud of dust,completely blind, with a cliff just over the edge…..A bit better than a traffic jam!

3.- Arrive to Mustang, and Muktinat……no words to explain: quiet, easygoing, nice, peaceful. A unique experience . It meant a visit  not only along the space, but also along time! My reccomendation?: feel the power of the place , of the people, of the history.Of the spirituality….Impressive! Nirvana is waiting for you, right along the way…..

4.- Something to improve? spend less time  going  to Mustang, and lose as much time as possible there. Lower Mustang was grandious, gegantine. Maybe with some spare time we could have tried to go to the forbidden pass…..Try to get there should be  a great adventure, maybe a bit dangerous. And Upper Mustang? I’d have know it! Maybe we will have to come back…..

5.- The way from Pokhara to Kathmandu…….wat to say? .  you just  have to experience to understand. ..  surprising, dangerous, amazing, exciting. Dangerous again. ………….( Complete yourself  with all adjectives you may use) Unforgettable. And , the best for last! : enter to Kathmandú. No words to explain…. Pure Urban enduro ……Policeman? They just ask for the rear view Mirror…..Hahaha!!!

6.- And last but not least: The organization was excellent: all the time looking  for our welfare. Flexible enough to adapt to our wishes and to the unexpected (and we are not  easy guys to content ….). Planned enough  to know all the time the way to go, the place to stay. Happy enough to enjoy with us! And crazy enough to enjoy themselves!.