Once upon a time, a small, mountainous country called Nepal. And there was an incredibly exciting way to enjoy the landscape, the customs and the Nepalese people. And that's how I contacted Ridehimalaya and I enjoyed doing Enduro with the small Asiawing ZR 250cc while I was cotemplating the Himalayas, strolling through the bustling Kathmandu, I took a relaxing Masala on the shores of the Lake in Pokhara, shared beers at sunset with the Vision of the Upper Mustang in the distance in Kagbeni or I ascended 5416m vertiginously to Thorang La Pass from the sacred city of Muktinah. If you believe in magic and want to enjoy a great trip and an unforgettable experience, Nepal is your destination and Ridehimalaya your contact to make everything come out perfect. Carpe Diem
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I just wanna say thanks to the hole team of Ridehimalaya, its was a wonderful ride for me. The bikes we was riding the days are more then enough to have a unforgetable adventure in that unbelievable area. Im pretty sure we will see use again, to ride with you was like ride with friends …. big greetz from Germany Tamás
1.- About the path, the views were impressive! Riding just in the middle of two 8.000 mountains, (Annapurna and Daula Ghiri/ Nil Ghiri), was exciting!.Crossing a bridge hung 200 feet over the river, a little better then passing through a toll in the highway, friday evening, 2.- The road from Pokhara to Mustang was easy, but amazing. Both for the views, and for the ground. Sometimes, flat, some others upwarss or downwards, always asking your complete attention. The best?: ride in the middle of a cloud of dust,completely blind, with a cliff just over the edge.....A bit better than a traffic jam! 3.- Arrive to Mustang, and words to explain: quiet, easygoing, nice, peaceful. A unique experience . It meant a visit not only along the space, but also along time! My reccomendation?: feel the power of the place , of the people, of the history.Of the spirituality....Impressive! Nirvana is waiting for you, right along the way..... 4.- Something to improve? spend less time going to Mustang, and lose as much time as possible there. Lower Mustang was grandious, gegantine. Maybe with some spare time we could have tried to go to the forbidden pass.....Try to get there should be a great adventure, maybe a bit dangerous. And Upper Mustang? I'd have know it! Maybe we will have to come back..... 5.- The way from Pokhara to Kathmandu.......wat to say? . you just have to experience to understand. .. surprising, dangerous, amazing, exciting. Dangerous again. .............( Complete yourself with all adjectives you may use) Unforgettable. And , the best for last! : enter to Kathmandú. No words to explain.... Pure Urban enduro ......Policeman? They just ask for the rear view Mirror.....Hahaha!!! 6.- And last but not least: The organization was excellent: all the time looking for our welfare. Flexible enough to adapt to our wishes and to the unexpected (and we are not easy guys to content ....). Planned enough to know all the time the way to go, the place to stay. Happy enough to enjoy with us! And crazy enough to enjoy themselves!.
Never go to Nepal! And if you go, do not say later that you were not warned! You will surely be fascinated by this wonderful country with unique nature, with amazinglyfriendly people, with hospitable weather. You will become Nepal addicted and your life will have a clear boundary: Before and After a trip to Nepal. Not so long ago I went with Ridehimalaya Team on motorcycles in Muktinath. I will not say that Muktinath is a place of power, and there are only five such places in the world — this is not the only thing! The thing, including, on the way to Muktinath, which is also a tourist attraction and no less significant than Muktinath itself. Do you know the Grand Canyon in Arizona? Forget it! The Grand Canyon is just a ditch compared to the gorge formed by the Kali Gandaki River and the slopes of Annapurna and Dhaualgiri mountains. The depth of the Grand Canyon is 1800 meters, and the height of Annapurna is 8901 meters. Do you feel the difference? I'm not talking about Dhahualgiri with a height of 8167 meters! Just two eight-thousandths to the right and left of you! Driving between these majestic peaks, there is a spiritual and physical union with the surrounding reality. The head is cleaned of vanity and empty worries and you begin to live in unison with the outside world, enjoying the unity with nature and a motorcycle. I was happy to be there, with all guys… with all Ridehimalaya Team. I’ll never forget this journey and i wish to repeat it as soon as possible!
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